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Hannah Smith

Dogs are my passion and I can honestly say I have never lived without one before! I have competed regionally and nationally multiple times, and earned titles in CPE, UKC, AKC, USDAA, UKI and UpDog. I started my agility career when I was 10 with my first dogs, Jive a rescued GWP and Juke, a Pudelpointer. Jive to this day, is still the only GWP to earn an agility championship title in CPE. My current agility partners are Jillaroo (Roo) an ACD and Capture a Working Kelpie. Roo is a 6x agility champion, and she is currently ranked as one of the fastest cattle dogs in the US. Just recently we took 6th in Premier at the 2023 AKC Nationals and we made the Challenger Round. Capture has just started her agility career and I am so excited for her future! I’ve also worked in veterinary medicine for over 12 years now, and at for Clip and Go Agility since 2017. When I'm not working, competing or teaching, my dogs and I also perform with the Rock and Roll K9's performance team. Over the years I’ve handled a variety of dogs on the team, which has helped me understand different breed personalities and traits. I have a special interest in performance dog behaviors, and I firmly believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to dog training.



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